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Trafigura Oil Spill Trajectory Map

Trafigura’s Project (Texas Gulf Terminals) anticipates approximately 3 million barrels of oil would wash onto Mustang Island in the event of a spill stemming from their unmanned terminal.


TEAC strongly supports the multiple onshore terminals that have been proposed or are in development at Ingleside, Harbor Island and other sheltered areas within the Corpus Christi Bay. All of these will be safe, secure facilities that will create Texas jobs and connect Texas energy to the global economy. Only one company and project is pursuing a reckless path that ignores local authorities, our local economy and will put the pristine beaches and abundant sea life of Corpus Christi, Mustang Island and South Padre Island at risk.

High-risk unmanned facility
Slow emergency spill response due to location
No local permitting requirements Environmentally dangerous


Local job creation
Highly regulated by local, state and federal authorities
Robust security and facility safety monitoring
Instant response time in case of emergency

Local leaders against Trafigura’s offshore project


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